Appreciation to our local men supporting The Heart to Lead Documentary

Posted on July 21, 2011 by


I would like to share with you the men that are getting involved with supporting this documentary and extend appreciation.

Appreciation goes to Greg Joly who will have his hand-built, three person Aeolian Harp on site for us to experience.  This is a harp you can stand inside and in the right wind conditions.  It is also a piece of art with the design of how the wood has been hand crafted.

Appreciation goes to Dancing Wolf of our local One-Heart Community who has come forward to help us with a media and sound system set up.  Dancing Wolf is well-known in around the island for the dances and events he has hosted.

Appreciation also goes to Tony Gelsthorpe who will be bringing a library of resources that have been built up through Judi Morin and Carla Munroe’s Nonviolent Communication group here in Victoria.

It is a pleasure to receive this support and love that the men will be represented.