Victoria offers back to the community for Heart to Lead showing

Posted on July 22, 2011 by


I am blown away today by generosity of Victorians.  I am receiving the offer for door prizes after so much has been given already to host this event tomorrow evening,  The Heart to Lead, Women as Allies for the Greater Good.  Here is a list of door prizes that have come in for our audience tomorrow evening.  Each one is offered in the spirit of adding to the well-being of community coming together and the lucky person winning the prize!

  • Carolyn Taylor of  YoUnlimited  has donated a door prize of tickets to upcoming fall trade show
  • Treena Nourish of  Westcoast Women Empowerment Network has donated a door prize of a  one hour counselling or consulting session
  • Amanda Lynn of  The Nature of Movement has donated a door prize of a personal Functional Integratin session
  • Sister Judi Morin of Saint Ann’s  has donated a book, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg’s
  • Planet Organic has donated a gift basket and 150 – $5.00 gift certificates to our first 150 arrivals
  • Gloria Hansen of the Gettin Higher Choir has donated 3 C.D.’s of recent performances
  • Kathryn Kusyszyn has donated a therapeutic session
  • Renee Lindstrom of Inside Awareness has donated a book – Sleep Sweet Sleep, sleep 101
  • Cheryl Taylor of Self Full Filling has donated a copy of A Year of Living Consciously–Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, a SELF-FULL FILLING mug and a pack of conscious living learning cards!