Sharing today’s wall message from Gregg Braden, we have a choice!

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‎”From the Mayan calendar that reminds us of our relationship, to time’s cycles, to the Buddhist message ‘Reality exists only where we create a focus’; from the Christian dictum that tells us our choices in this lifetime determine what happens beyond this life, to the Hopi traditions that carries the instructions to make powerful life choices…it’s clear that our ancestors worked desperately in their times to preserve something that they knew we would need in ours.

“That ‘something’ is the message of renewal that comes with the dawning of a new cycle, the new world age that allows us to succeed where others have failed and to assure nothing less than the future of our species by learning from our past. Today the changing landscape of the earth is forcing us to a new way of thinking, a new way of being, and a new way of life. Perhaps the greatest awakening that we are experiencing is the discovery of the fact that we have a choice!” Fractal Time, page 179, Gregg Braden

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