Women INspiring Women/Goddess Retreat

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Victoria local Gail Hull hosted a retreat for women called, ” Women INspiring Women/Goddess Retreat” this past Friday through Sunday, October 8th to 11th, 2011. It was held in Sooke on the ocean facing the Olympic Mountains at Blackfish Bed and Breakfast.  For September we had record heat and the sun was sparkling off pretty much everything!  The evenings light came under the moon’s growing  fullness as we approached Monday’s full moon.

Gail called me the week prior to find out if I would be interested in participating in the retreat and offering a presentation.  Not sure this was doable having  two events on September 11th, and a son engaging my energy and attention with trying to settle into the school season. Gail’s normal retreats are held so you arrive and stay for the full event to hold the space.  A container is then created that allows for a deepening experience.  We discussed how this could be and she felt confident she would be able to support my early departure without it affecting this group.  I have to say this was a group I would have not wished to miss out meeting.  Each one of these ladies that attended I appreciate the opportunity to have gotten to know and can say they added value to my experience.

It began with dinner and sharing that led to walking down a cliff to the beach and a fire by the ocean.  Sooke local Sonara Ettles of Thunderwolf Sanctuary led a Shamanic Journey with drums and rattles that allowed us to expanded and open to the potential to become present inside ourselves.  It was followed by sharing our experiences under Sonara’s guidance.

The following morning began with a craft that was perfect for connecting to our creativity and further into our feelings leading up to a presentation on self inquiry I hoped to share immediately afterwards.  Coming to this retreat I was not aware of the theme, nor was I sure what Gail would like presented and how would it marry into a Goddess Retreat.  Entering the space with all this curiosity and seeing hearts every where and becoming present to open to the space, participants and the reminders Gail had arranged around the environment.  Listening to all of this information, at bedtime sitting in a short mediation,  I had to ask myself this question, “What is of value to share and how does it connect?”   Going to sleep when the world slowed down and became quiet at about between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. I woke to the knowing that the connection is the “Language of the Heart!”  Heart communication and then remembering the hearts everywhere, of course, that’s why I am here!  Settled back into sleep knowing that I would engage the participants and meet them in their experience in presenting self inquiry techniques to begin to explore how words create our reality.

After the presentation we shared lunch and had free time or an opportunity to connect individually followed by a group goddess dinner.  Everyone bringing a fav dress and becoming a goddess for an evening.  I had not intended to stay for dinner as I had booked this time to connect with my son to deepen our discussion around his school choices.  Gail gently persuading me to stay I found myself without a dress so grabbed my alter cloth which is a belly dance scarf and wrapped it around as a skirt.  It was doable, yet not as beautiful as what I was seeing in our group yet all the experiences I shared in circle with this scarf gave me a special connection.  Wow!., such imagination and beauty.

I did leave immediately after dinner,  yet before going what I heard from the individuals and discussions was an opening up that can only come in a container that is created with the intention of coming together with a purpose.  To begin it was all individuals sharing separately their personal experiences from their individual perspectives.  Saturday evening, only a night later what I was heard was a group, laughing, crying, sharing and enjoying themselves as a whole way as a group and not separately.  I was reminded of the intention of retreats and how with the intention and purpose of coming together individuals can become fuller as they fill themselves up with loving kindness.

Gail is off soon to lead a group to Sedona in Arizona for a different type of retreat at the end of October and hopes she will have the energy for the Winter Goddess Retreat over a weekend in November.  In my work, I know women need to raise their women’s hormone through self-care and nurturing themselves and others to experience themselves at their finest.  Gail is providing the ground and space to enter into the container to allow this to happen in friendship and safety.  It’s so much more than conferences or classes, yet would support these activities and be a complimentary experience.

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Renee is in Victoria, B.C. and shares self-inquiry awareness techniques through the Feldenkrais Movement Method, Getting InTouch for relationships and presence in the environment.  She works with people individually, in groups, in her office or their space and teaches groups in classes.  Through her work with clients some specific areas of functioning became a potential for integrating these systems together to support a daily function such as walking, sleeping, community and gatherings.  Functions we take for granted and have forgotten our connections with.  These techniques are designed to wake up those parts that have gone to sleep and to develop present awareness that enhance and improve the quality of our experience.