True Thanksgiving through celebrating is what I heard from Satish Kumar

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This past week I was fortunate to listen to a dialogue given by Satish Kumar that he called, “Soul, Soil and Society.”  More than that to be thankful for was Satish gave this dialogue live at a recent Prophets Conference far from Victoria, B.C., and the audio was gifted by Robin and Cody through their Great Mystery Salon offerings.

Beginning to listen to Satish Kumar, who is an earth pilgrim, philosopher and author, I could understand why this dialogue was being shared before our Canadian Thanksgiving and now at this time of peaceful sit-ins that are happening across the United States and just beginning in my beautiful country, Canada.  I find peace and beauty in this concept that is spreading.  As I see pics on my face book page there is an inner explosion of celebration as I recognize the time has come to say, “it’s time for a change, are you listening?”

Never have I felt so strong a need as this morning reading a couple of articles in our local paper.  Last year before the Global Hands Across the Sands events, and our own locally, we had an oil tanker overturn and dump its load along Goldstream.  We (organizers of Willows Beach event), spoke of it as being a strong local reason to support holding hands, in unity, in our own community on this international day of recognizing our own personal needs to say yes to clean energy.  Today’s story in the Times Colonist – the fish have not returned yet!  They are wondering if the oil spill had anything to do with it, yet not confirming it.  The beaver moved away immediately after the spill and have not returned!  They are wondering if the oil spill had anything to do with it, yet not confirming it.  In other streams, fish have run for two weeks.  The second Times Colonist story was about a conference being held on the topic of mining in B.C., at our local university this past week that included our First Nations important leaders and people and the mining companies executives.  No representative from our sitting provincial government showed up!  In fact there was an empty chair at the table!  To read the story, I feel broken-hearted.

Going back to Satish Kumar’s dialogue he tells his story of when he read the news as a younger man he was inspired by a story of a 90 plus man being arrested and  jailed for being peaceful.  This man was making a peaceful statement to the authorities.  (Similar to the beginning of the gatherings in New York and the excessive use force)  Satish and his friend agreed they wanted to travel to the major countries that represented the industry this older man was peacefully protesting.  Their guru agreed that their planned journey was a wise one, yet only if they do not take anything with them.  NO money, NO food, NOthing.  They began their journey and as they came to the border of their country their family and friends showed up.  One friend tried to talk Satish out of entering the next country as they had and continued to be enemies.  When Satish held firmly to his goal, the friend then tried to give him food.  Satish said he could not take the food as it represented the intention that he was entering this country in trust that he would be provided for yet holding onto the fear that he really wouldn’t be.

Satish and his friend crossed the border and no sooner began walking when a gentlemen leaning against his car asked him if he was Satish Kumar and also mentioned his friend’s name.  Surprised they asked him how could he know them.  The reply, “I read about you in the paper and I agree that we need peace.  Both you and I are men first and peace would be a good idea between our two countries.  Come, you can stay with me, I want you to meet my friends.”  Satish told how he felt when 15 minutes before he was met with fear and resistance leaving his country and now we was being welcomed peacefully and being taken care of by those considered his enemies.  From this his belief is, ” peace comes from trust and war comes from fear.”   He also came to the understanding of our primary identity, “we are all humans and all members of  the earth community.”  The earth community includes all species of animals, birds, trees, plants, earth, water, atmosphere, etc.  Nature knows no borders, these are man-made based upon fear and keeping ourself separate to protect ourselves.  The human species is apart of a greater community yet have somehow has come to the conclusion that they are superior and can take and sacrifice what ever they wish for their own gain.  Even other humans.

Therefore Satish called his dialogue, “Soul, soil and society.”  It was a rich presentation covering  a topic we all need to hear now.  What’s important is destination earth, our true home.  It’s time to experience how the earth is holding us, not what we can get from her.  It’s time to make choices to celebrate the parts that make up our life, to slow down and take time to explore our inner connections and work to provide for ourselves yes, but to take time to learn and study too.  To learn and experience balance to celebrate life, the soul of life that comes with the connection of celebrating, developing trust, and enjoying the diversity of each other.  He suggests that universe means unity and diversity.  We are all one, yet different and oh how boring if we were all the same. In slowing down to find balance it will increase our experience of understanding duality.  Unity is not uniformity, each of us is different, yet complimentary.  To celebrate the father balance with celebrating the mother, the brother with the sister, equally.

Listening to Satish Kumar, I truly found my connection to what Interfaith/Intercultural celebrations are on the most intrinsic level.  It opened a door into a deeper understanding that is both comforting and expanding with undefinable appreciation.  Truly there was so much in his one hour dialogue, I will be digesting and integrating for some time.

I know going into Thanksgiving tomorrow will be different.  I find today is different as I am cleaning to prepare for a feast to celebrate when my children come home.  As I clean there is an organic inner appreciation that is expanding outwards, not from thinking.  Something has been stimulated by listening to him yesterday and I long for it to stay and not get lost in the business of our western living.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, may it truly be full of appreciation for what we have, the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain, the snow, the earth, the trees, the water, the oceans, our friends in the water, our friends in the sky and on the land.  May we begin to lessen our complaints and make choices to instead simply celebrate what is.  Soul appreciation through finding the celebration.  Balance through making friends with the earth, the sky, the soil, the water, the species in our earth community.

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