Heart-Knowing Victoria Women’s Gathering in relationship with Heart to Lead Documentary

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This evening Friday, October 14th will be the launch of a Victoria Heart-Knowing Women’s Gathering. The Heart Knowing will begin in relationship to the Heart to Lead Documentary and the intention of the film makers, Cheryl, Bonnie and Margaret.  The intention of our women locally may evolve into a reflection of their own experience, background and passion.  To begin we will share through our experience of the Heart to Lead Documentary, Women as Allies for the Greater Good.

“excerpts from The Guide to Heart-Knowing, A companion guidebook to the Heart to Lead”

Foreword to the Making the Film: Cheryl, Bonnie and Margaret:

All three of us—ever since the Evolutionary Women’s Retreat in 2005—felt a kindred need for expression that has worked its way into the form of this documentary. And simultaneously, “we were worked by it!” Cheryl and I/Bonnie, in particular, discovered we had a shared purpose (even stronger—a moral imperative) to make visible the deep wisdom and Divinity inherent in The Feminine. We were called to guide this film. And The Heart to Lead created, in turn, the theme of mutuality, showing us the simultaneous dynamic of awakening to one’s own personal development and the socially supportive openings that authentically support “Who we really are.” Through intimate narratives by women on the journey to self-discovery, The Heart to Lead explores the emerging paradigm of feminine leadership. Women have a built-in homing device to return to who they deeply are and to where they belong. The film shows women attuning to these strengths and connecting with one another, as catalysts for developing personal and social action. Therefore, a tapestry of women is featured, and taken as a collective it expresses a colorful profile of those in unison, guiding and serving. Consequently, this Guide to Heart-Knowing is a twin soul to the film, and hopes to be a companion on your journey.

Preface—The Guide to Heart-Knowing welcomes you!

We created this friendly guide to lengthen the life of the documentary so its multi-layered implications and nuances are not loose ends, so the threads are made explicit and available to weave into your actual lives. Far too often we watch a film, or listen to a
speaker, or attend a conference and by doing so receive a transmission, a jolt of insight, or a wave of inspiration—only to feel it subside over time. It is so easy to move on to the next input, the next event, and basically slide past the depths involved. The contents of this guide are intended to reinforce and return us to the messages of the film, to glean the connections between various voices, to appreciate the tapestry, and to know that a transformation of the social body comes from within, from the work of seeing ourselves and remembering who we are—truly.

These has been provided by the film makers at Imagine the Good – for more info – http://www.imaginethegood.com

This evenings gathering is hosted by Renee Lindstrom and begins at 7;30 p.m.   Please contact Renee directly if you feel drawn to participate now or in a future gathering or creating a gathering of your own and wishing Renee’s support.  renee@insideawareness.com or 250-361-7508