Brilliance and hopefulness in Adbusters tactical briefing regarding OWS movements

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 or defeated and discouraged?

A white middle class woman with an urge to contribute at Occupy Victoria in Centennial Square has created a few short opportunities for me to experience the reality of the square as a living community and gathering space for others to come together in assemblies.

Since it began I have seen and read about the effects of the Peoples Assembly of Victoria (Occupy Victoria) from the original gathering and walk down Douglas to now seeing others living in the square. Now the news is starting to share the effects of this experience on the  down town businesses that have already had years of struggle to be relevant in the competition with the box stores and malls  to succeed.

The other effect that has been felt is the experience of the peoples movement participants and both Victoria’s  homeless and drug communities.  Are they co-habituating the square or are they apart of the movement?

Questions of balance come up for me.

  • How do you balance the needs of the small down town businesses who are people like me, wanting to survive, pay their bills, feed their families and enjoy less stress?
  • How do you balance the needs of the people’s movement participants and of the homeless people who occupied the square before the people’s movement began  their community?  How do you balance the different needs the come with the homeless, the needs of the drug community and those of the middle class?  All these groups have different needs?

Attending and co-facilitating and facilitating at Centennial Square in these past few days I experience a deterioration in the quality of the square itself.  I do however experience a deepening quality in the interpersonal sharing.  Leaving a group gathering on Saturday I wondered if people found themselves beginning to not come to the square from being uncomfortable in the surroundings.  That particular time of day and appearance was daunting.  In groups there have been interruptions by those we would naturally want to contribute to and include yet they are distracting to the purpose of why everyone else is in the group.  Therefore the balance of needs is not being met.

Today a friend on face book, Many Leith, posted a link to an article, Occupy Movement Could Declare ‘Victory’ and Scale Back Camps, Founder Suggests By ROBERT MACKEY.   I find I can identify with some of Robert Mackeys article points.  Reading it I find hope and inspiration.  I have something to contribute through what I offer the community in Victoria based upon experience with relationships in dialogues with others and the personal dialogue we have with ourselves.  This grew out of consulting and being in the personal environment of those in relationships and noticing how inter-related the environment and human relationships are.  How the client spoke was directly related to their environment and held in their body posture.   Observing an environment would give me clues to who was dominate and what the life experience was of this group, couple or family and witnessing the interaction would generally validate my observations.  Therefore this article gave me hope for creating choices for the Peoples Assemblies to consider, not to take away the purpose and intent, but to begin to expand their understanding of their own longing and the intention of their message that they are wanting to share and allow others more ease in joining and participating in.

Some of the quotes that stood out for me 

The founder of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn, raised the idea that ”Now that winter is approaching, I can see this first wild, messy, crazy occupation phase kind of slowly winding down.”  telling CBC Radio,

In an interview with The Guardian, Mr. Lasn expressed that he was concerned that “The other side is owning the narrative right now. People are talking about drugs and criminals at OWS.” To change that, Mr. Lasn said, it might be time for “a grand gesture.”

The new briefing elaborates on that idea, suggesting:

We declare “victory” and throw a party… a festival… a potlatch… a jubilee… a grand gesture to celebrate, commemorate, rejoice in how far we’ve come, the comrades we’ve made, the glorious days ahead. Imagine, on a Saturday yet to be announced, perhaps our movement’s three month anniversary on December 17, in every #OCCUPY in the world, we reclaim the streets for a weekend of triumphant hilarity and joyous revelry.

We dance like we’ve never danced before and invite the world to join us.

Then we clean up, scale back and most of us go indoors while the diehards hold the camps. We use the winter to brainstorm, network, build momentum so that we may emerge rejuvenated with fresh tactics, philosophies, and a myriad projects ready to rumble next Spring.

The article goes on to say Mr. Lasn has been careful not to claim ownership of the movement that grew out of his branded call for protest, it is not clear if his suggestion will be approved, or even considered, by the various assemblies of protesters still gathered near Wall Street and in several other cities

The link to the full article  is   

This people’s movement has created an amazing opportunity to make a statement and begin a process of creating our future.  A future we belong in and belong too.  Our steps will be to choose how to move forward and how will that begin to reflect the change.  In Feldenkrais movement awareness, if a person cannot move in a particular pattern of movement due to a restriction or constraint we begin supporting their process by creating a safe environment for them to imagine themselves making this movement. This changes a brain process that opens up the possibility and potential to then create the movement.   I wonder if individuals in this movement could be safe enough to explore and imagine themselves in the future and then what would this look like for them in a group or community.  Once an individual experiences their own dream or longing to then compare it to how are the current actions now reflecting this potential outcome?  This would  create some great explorations and group conversations!


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