Leadership and New Age Philanthropists as social change agents on social media

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International marketing groups are forming major events of on-line trainings, workshops, tele-seminars, web pages and are becoming organized under one or two umbrella organizations.  These groups are tackling all the hot topics.   I have been curious about their intention and how they have taken into consideration the local people, in local communities, that are taking action and have been working towards social change based upon their own offerings.

My need for knowing how these new age marketers will consider people who support themselves in similar work, in their own communities, became stronger when I enjoyed listening to speakers myself in a series of dialogues leading up to September 21st.  What I noticed was there was no recognition or acknowledgement of the people that had put in the effort to create the International Day of Peace.  Nor was there mention of the evolution of this concept in the world and of how or why it was recognized now.    I also noticed that one of my personal mentors was not acknowledged, yet his life work was presented by others using his language.  Yes, they have the same mentor yet for some reason recognition wasn’t forthcoming.  What I did hear was the development of their personal intention for creating a massive training ground for themselves leading up to 2012.    They used the focus point of a cause made familiar to the world by someone else to promote a series of dialogues that led up to marketing their resources, future classes, intensive trainings and template websites for purchasing.  What it reminded me of was the marketing scheme developed over the last decade for promoting on-line by offering free e-books.  Remember?

Listening to a dialogue I typed a question to ask what consideration they gave to the local person in the local communities for the purpose of financially supporting themselves.  This question was inspired after  hearing the number of people in the world on-line and how this was being labelled a new global nation.  The number was in the hundreds of thousands and the thoughts of how they may be creating financial hardships for people who have devoted their careers to humanities development.

I had also been hearing how they intend on creating a tiered system of community trainers to go out into the community in 2012 to be spokes in a wheel of their organization and again I wondered the influence this would have on independents.

All of this is stimulated of course by the level of mass marketing and the language being used to suggest that they are the agents.  Hummm, does this mean they are the ones, the only ones?

I had expected my answer to be live and a discussion.  It wasn’t, it was a typed email that came before the discussion.  A discussion for the purpose of answering questions for the virtual audience.  Huh! It was a pre-written form response that suggested these people in the communities could come forward and qualify to be considered as one of their presenters.  Ouch!

As Occupy unfolded I wondered how they would respond as their whole emphasis is on change and a shift for 2012.  Silence, nothing for weeks and then showily Occupy began fitting into their correspondence and marketing.  One recently hitting a nerve.  See – http://wp.me/p1Cftb-jO.  They are about change their way and Occupy does not fit into that category as it is in it messy stage.  Yet the value of Occupy is that it has all people coming together to talk and create together at ground level.  It is evolution in action with on-site training while in the process.  It is not training for the foreseeable future.

I look forward to see how they will support the Occupy movement.  Will it be financial support? or will be financial gain?

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