Receiving an email titled, “What the heck is this Occupy movement anyway?”

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Curious about what a social entrepreneur extraordinaire would have to say about this topic, thankfully I actually hit the read button.  Reading to see how he weaved this title into his email to acquire new clients I found that he used a you tube video that did not give credit to the film maker.  Rather his focus was on poet Drew Dellinger, who he had personally interviewed at some point earlier in his program to promote his Business Coaching globally through social media.  Ironic, I thought,  that someone wanting to acquire personal wealth was using a movement that is fighting the financial district and was using a heart-felt, passionate creative expression from a Canadian film maker who has been in documenting Occupy Wall Street since the first day.  A Canadian awarding winning film maker from Vancouver, B.C. Velcrow Ripper.

I had wondered how the current philanthropists that are considering themselves change agents  would integrate this movement called, “Occupy.” I found my answer, and was left disappointed.  I sent a note back to the social entrepreneur extraordinaire to mention his exclusion of an important collaborator of this film.

Here is the video –

Love in Action: Occupy Spoken Word Piece with Drew Dellinger

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