January Tips for Manifesting your ‘new year’ – Day 1 ~ It starts at your front door!

Posted on January 1, 2012 by


Today is the first day of your new ‘year’.  If you haven’t thought about how to manifest your new intentions in any physical way to represent your commitment, today is a good day to concentrate on the front door area of your home or business. Cleaning and or decorating the inside and outside of this area, making it fresh and relevant along with your own sense of knowing it (your intention) is done, so it will be. Whatever you want manifested will come via your front entrance!

Enjoy making it special and a celebration and in the tone of what it is you want to bring into your life.  If you want fun and adventure create in the spirit of fun and adventure.  Notice your mind-set, mood and body posture.  If you are tense, angry and depressed this is what you will be calling forth into your experience.  Find a way to shake your mood, through a call to a friend to receive empathy or a nature walk.  If all else fails, take a carton of eggs and go smash them on the rocks at the beach!  The birds would enjoy the feast and you will release your tension and perhaps begin to find the humor in your actions!  All the best in you’re creating.


Happy creating! – First published by Renee Lindstrom, January, 2012