Tips for Manifesting your new ‘year’ – Day 4 ~ Planning for ease begins with observing

Posted on January 4, 2012 by


It is the first few days into your new plan and are you feeling drained or simply more tired than usual? Today begin noticing what’s around you in your space.  Extra attention went into cleaning up for the holidays so now it is the perfect time to  take a look around to consider what would simplify your space.  Your space reflects your life.  Use your space to view your life and make changes accordingly.  Simply pretend you are new to the space either in your home or at work and notice what you see.  Look around for the day and have fun noticing it as if the first time.  What story is it telling about you?


Happy creating! – First published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan, 2012, Revised Dec, 2012