January Tips for Manifesting your new ‘year’ – Day 5 ~ Organizing to make it happen

Posted on January 5, 2012 by


Routines and activities shift in your new year.  It’s time to re-schedule garbage days at home for the city’s new listings, check in to see that your old dates for grocery shopping, and the items on your lists are still relevant to how you want to eat in the new year.    Fill in the new times on your new calendars and enter in your new activities.  Take time to consider how to create ease in anything new you are choosing to do.  How can you make it happen easily?  For example, if you are beginning to make shakes for the first time to create healthy choices, rearrange your kitchen and fridge to accommodate this transition.  Do up new grocery lists to include the ingredients so they are on hand and do not need an extra trip to the store.  You are creating new muscles so begin with a structure to make it easier!


Happy creating! – First published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan, 2012, Revised Dec, 2012