Tips for Manifesting your new ‘year’ – #7 – Reflection

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Today you have wrapped up your first week of goal setting and either enthusiastic about your weeks progress having met your resolutions or not and having regrets.   This is a critical point for those you may have some regrets.  Take time to reflect on the times that you met your commitments and celebrate these.  Remind yourself that it takes 30 days to change a habit and recommit to you.  Hold out each hand and put your accomplishments in one and in the other hold your regrets.  Notice which hand is heavier, the accomplishments or the regrets and then let it go.  Know that you have recommitted and you’re not fooling yourself, you are human and a new week is coming with new opportunities.

Now if you have written out your resolutions take a moment and make an enjoyable ceremony of letting go of the paper you have written them out on.  You know what they are; you have committed them to paper.  Turn them over to the universe and clear the weight of holding onto them physically.  If you have the space and it is safe to do so, burn them in a fireplace, or bury them in your garden bed.  Find a way to let this list go back to nature all the while in the attitude as though you are presenting a gift to someone you care for.  Why, let them go?  They may have the potential to become internal clutter beyond your consciousness awareness drawing your attention, thoughts and emotions to them, the past (longing) and future (seeking) and not being in the present.  You have written out or given consideration towards developing your resolutions and now to be more present with their unfolding, release their constant reminder.  Be alive with the experience of how you are manifesting them rather than a constant reminder and distraction.

  • #1.  pause and reflect,
  • #2.  feel the feelings,
  • #3.  recommit to yourself in the moment and
  • #4.  celebrate the accomplishments and the regrets and know you have a new start in each moment.


Happy Creating ~ Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan, 2012, Revised Dec, 2012