Tips for Manifesting your 2012 – #11 – Room of Power

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The most responsive space for making our dreams come true is the space we spend the most time in.  It is the space that we could be using as a place of refuge to nurture rest and enjoy self-expression and the only visitors are those invited in.  Have you guessed which room yet?  It is your bedroom.  This space will have the highest influence in what comes back to you.

Having come this far with these tips you have discovered the significance of your space in the first 10 tips.  The tip for today on a power house day; 11th tip on the 11th day of the 1st month, is to shake off your habitual walk into your bedroom and enter it as though for the first time.

Some tips:


  • Take a moment and imagine your perfect space for nesting and finding your inner joy.


  • As you are walking to the bedroom door – notice what comes up inside you.  Do you relax, feel tense, or no noticeable changes inside?
  • Now stand at the door and look in – notice what comes up inside you.  How busy does your mind get, what is happening in your gut?
  • Walk into your space and compare the reality of your bedroom to the one you long for.
  •  Take the first steps to begin creating the perfect space that supports your heart in singing with joy at the thought of entering into it.   Plan, organize, clear clutter and make your bedroom your dream one.

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  • Happy Creating!  Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan, 2012, Revised Dec. 2012