Tips for Manifesting your new ‘year’ – #12 – Becoming friends with your self-critic

Posted on January 12, 2012 by


The one room that may give you the most pleasure or that you may dread the most is the bath.  Pleasure may come from the long salt water baths for re-balancing and relaxation, or showers to pick you up and get you going for the day.  Dread may come from the critical self that notices every little thing like a bad hair day, wrong colors  extra or too little weight, ageing and more!  The mirror in our bath picks up where the world has left off in reflecting back to us what we are not.  T.V.’s, movies, magazines, our culture (past and present) have given us ideal images and left us to fit ourselves in it.  So what does this space mean, well….

To begin with there is an over abundance of water being flushed away.  Water represents prosperity therefore this room is very important in its placement in your home.  Regardless of its location two simple steps to support the flushing away of your wealth could be to keep the door closed and make sure the toilet lid is down when this room is not in use.  This has sanitary benefits as well.  Each time the toilet is flushed the water particles come up into the room and settle.

The next thing to consider is how you use this space and what comes up for you.  Is it a place for you to relax and enjoy self-care or is it a place to get your business done with too little attention on yourself?  Take a moment and reflect on this.

If it is a place you enjoy and spend time, check in and see if the amount of time you spend is perfect and doesn’t interfere with other activities.  If it does interfere perhaps consider something you could add to the space that would represent action to you.  If you find you simply go in and do your business without relaxing into your self-care, take a moment to notice what comes up for you.  Consider what you could add to this space allowing you to befriend the space and yourself.

Perhaps you have an overzealous self critic.  Many of us have.  Therefore the trick is do we listen to this critic or do we begin to train it to be useful elsewhere.  How to start could be as simple as putting up sticky notes on the mirror as reminders of what is positive about you.  Make a commitment that for each self judgement you hear yourself make, you will counter-balance it with a positive observation.  Another tip could be, when the mind makes a statement to criticize something about you, such as your hair, turn it into an opportunity to imagine what would make it beautiful to you.  If it is the color  turn this critical assessment into an exploration and be curious about how to change it into a beauty moment!  Just because your mind tells you – doesn’t make it so.  Don’t accept closed statements.  Open them up to the possibilities and let the mind know you are going beyond it’s closed mindedness!


Happy Creating! Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan. 2012, Revised, Dec. 2012