Tips for Manifesting your 2012 – #14 – Celebrations & Regrets

Posted on January 14, 2012 by


Today marks Day 14!  How has it been for you?  These first 14 days towards creating your new habitual patterns!  Shifting to change is not easy without integrative techniques and ways to mark the differences so you can be aware of even the most subtle changes within you.   For example,  if you are wishing to lose weight the indicator may be weighing yourself and seeing the difference in pounds.  Yet on days that you do not see the scale drop down, what is your experience?  Are you celebrating or are you disappointed?  If you are disappointed, are you able to notice any other changes or are you fixating completely on only one  aspect of your personal change – to lose pounds?  What about the new-found energy, better sleep or increased sex drive?

Take time today to find the perfect book for reporting your new ‘year’ daily celebrations and regrets.  Each day begin including in your bed time routine time for acknowledging your successes and your regrets.  Begin the book so that when you open it the celebrations is on the left page and the regrets on the right.  Don’t dwell on it if nothing comes to you as you start your day’s end reflections.  As you make a date with yourself on a regular basis it will simply begin to flow.  Better yet, create your own book!


Happy Creating! Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan, 2012, Revised, Dec, 2012