Tips for Manifesting your 2012 – #16 – Success and your closet

Posted on January 16, 2012 by


The tip for today is cleaning your personal closet.  Spend time sorting through the items you are hanging onto yet not using any more.  Begin to notice what it is that you are telling yourself to allow it to take up space.  Know that the space it is taking up reflects a full space in your life that is not available for something new to occur.

Go through your closet and explore the sizes that don’t fit you any more or the impulse buys that aren’t quite right!  Notice your attachments to the past and to the future, yet not to the present.  If you still cannot donate them, pass them on to friends or host an exchange party or box them to store them.  If in six months you have not opened the carton, donate it without opening up the carton!


Happy Creating! Published by Renee Lindstrom Jan. 2012, Revised Dec. 2012