Tips for Manifesting your 2012 – #17 – Changing, Connecting, Grounding

Posted on January 17, 2012 by


The focus on the first week was change and the second was connection to the change. Now in this third week the focus is shifting into grounding these changes into your lifestyle so they are not fleeting memories.   The intention is to have new habits integrated to replace the old ones.

We’ve explored:

  • shifting behaviour by recognizing the stories we tell
  • how our homes and office reflect our stories – cluttered space equals cluttered life
  • the success of physical change depends upon planning for success through personal organization,

The underlying themes for this week are mindfulness, meeting your goals and successfully integrating change.  Some focus is on recognizing your own expectations and rephrasing them into a doable action requests for disrupting any habitual judgement thoughts about yourself.

Today, think about 10 ways to be kind to yourself.  After each one read it to yourself and stop, pause and notice your reaction.  Repeat it a few times and notice what comes up.  Let it all go and move on to considering 9 more ways to be kind to you.  What would it look like and feel like?


Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan. 2012, revised Dec, 2012