Tips for Manifesting your new ‘year’– #19 – Finding renewal through change

Posted on January 19, 2012 by


Staying with your power center, your bedroom, begin to notice what you love about this space.  As you walk into your bedroom notice it as though for the first time and look to see what there is about it that makes your heart sing.  Pause to enjoy and take in what is working for you. After a few moments begin to take in the things in your room that aren’t so enjoyable and notice what your attachment is to keeping them in this space.  Look at it from the perspective that this could become the one place that is completely adorable and nurturing.  As you replace these items, reflect how it resembles letting go of old habits and replacing them with ones that are energizing and renewing you.  Many people use their bedrooms to hide what they don’t want the outside world to see, like unwanted gifts from in-laws.  Imagine having to have these constant reminders and uncomfortable feelings that become habitual?


Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan. 2012, revised, Dec. 2012