Tips for Manifesting your new ‘year’ – #21 – Your vessel

Posted on January 21, 2012 by


Now that the snow is gone a focus can be on exploring the vessel you travel around in.  This is for those of you who have your own cars!  Imagine putting yourself into a container and entrusting it with your most prized possession.  “Need I say anything more?”  Each time now you enter a bus, friends car, taxi, ferry and plane what will come to mind is this questions, “What and with whom am I entrusting with my most prized possession?”

This weekend get out your window cleaner, vacuum and dusting cloth and begin to re-connect with the interior of your car.  This is the space that is considered to reflect your own physical self.  Look to see if the interior of your car is cluttered and plugged up.  How is this manifesting in your personal experience?


Published by Renee Lindstrom, Jan. 2012, Revised Dec. 2012