Living Peace Meditations DAYS 32 & 33 – Patience & Acknowledgement

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I acknowledge I missed posting day 32 and will be patient with myself for this oversight!

DAY 32 Mar. 1: The thought for today is PATIENCE.  According to farm activist Cesar Chavez, “Nonviolence is not non-action… It is hard work…It is the patience to win.”  When your plans seem delayed, choose to be patient by recognizing ways you can constructively use this time to support your goal.  By practicing patience we can respond rather than react, and by doing so, stay centered and at peace.

Patience and passion both come from a Latin word meaning to suffer or endure. Whenever we practice patience – cheerfully bearing with somebody who is irascible, or enduring discomfort rather than imposing it on others – we are embracing those principles and creating an opportunity to model nonviolence.  There is only one way to create a nonviolent world, and that is by being nonviolent ourselves.

Today:  I will look for opportunities to practice patience.  In a situation where there is friction,  rather than run away, I will move closer to the core of the conflict and look for a nonviolent solution.

DAY 33 Mar.2 The thought for today is ACKNOWLEDGMENT.  Acknowledgement helps us see the oneness of all life, that we are part of a greater purpose, and by doing so, elevate our awareness of nonviolence.  When I acknowledge someone, how could I possibly do harm toward them?   When I tell someone what a difference he or she has made in my life and acknowledge that person for being there for me, I am affirming our connectedness.
1. a. To admit the existence, reality, or truth of.
b. To recognize as being valid or having force or power.
2. a. To express recognition of: acknowledge a friend’s smile.
b. To express thanks or gratitude for. ”
-The American Heritage® Dictionary

Today:  In each of the four meanings quoted above, I will take time to acknowledge each person I meet or see today – including myself – in the spirit of ahimsa and forgiveness.
I will take time today to acknowledge the realm of nature, the community of life on Earth, and the Earth itself.