What is Environment Sustainability? Three ways to begin connecting:

Posted on April 8, 2012 by


Picture – taken by Renee Lindstrom – in Cadboro Bay community, I choose this tree as it reflects stress from it’s environment.

Locally, provincial, nationally and globally we (individuals making up the mass population) are faced with environmental issues we haven’t yet recognized.  These issues are now addressed by research, governments and policy makers without our individual voices included.

Each of us individually has a role in finding and supporting solutions by developing a personal understanding of current issues affecting our environment, assessing how we are contributing, making personal lifestyle changes and new choices.

A sustainable society involves policy change, a cultural shift and personal changes in lifestyle that include relationships, behavior and ways we communicate.

Sustainability begins with awareness (recognition) of what is meaningful to us and developing interest and curiosity for exploring ways to increase learning and personal experiences.  Some ways to begin are:

1.  In Victoria, stand up and celebrate!  Each one of us has a personal reason to celebrate our own efforts in  growing our re-cycling program.  Notice how natural in 2012 it is to recycle our papers, cans, glass, plastic at our curb sides.  Remember back even 8 years ago how much of a burden it was to begin the process of separating and cleaning out the containers.  It would have been much easier to trash it, yet we preserved and now our recycling program is expanding to including waste than can be converted into compost.  Take a moment to acknowledge this took EFFORT!  Our children will not know any different as they have been cultured in recycling!  This has become a natural habitual action for them!  “YES.”

2.  The next step is to get outdoors into your own communities.  Don’t wait for holidays.  Take time each week to simply explore your neighborhood with new eyes.  Imagine that you are just moving into the area and want to find out what’s available.  Explore with curiosity.  Getting outdoors will motivate you, on many levels, to increase a cycle of whole health that will include your own space placement.  Change begins with connection.  To really make a difference become aware of what is important to you by noticing.  Need ideas – go to Walk-Victoria for support, connection, news & tips.

3.  Explore and grow awareness in personal relationships, learn more about your behavior, belief systems and find out how your communication process plays an important role in determining your health, your lifestyle and cultural experience.  Grow your inner understanding of how you process information, react and create the relationship behaviors you experience.  Learn language literacy and diplomacy that will serve you to met your needs sustaining your relationships.  For more information on how to support learning about a language to connect that begins with understanding the process and support for listening to oneself and others effectively check out Language Literacy ideas.