Make your own personal Earth Day agreements of “Doable” lifestyle commitments

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Remember every day is earth day!  Begin this year by making some agreements for yourself of changes you wish to make in your own lifestyle.  One step to becoming the changes you wish to be.  Get your family on board and have them sign their own contract to support this initiative.

Earth Day Contract – April 22, 2012 

  1. I  will consider the long-term impact and true cost of all my purchases.
  2. I  will choose life-giving foods, ones that are seasonal, locally grown, and sustain-ably raised.
  3. I will use the foods I buy and compost any waste.
  4. I will choose grass-fed animals, if I consume animal products and lower environmental impacts.
  5. I will begin cooking delicious vegetarian dishes.
  6. I will  begin to stop using plastic (bottles, bags, packaging, items) wherever possible.
  7. I will limit my use of paper products (towels, napkins, junk mail, office supplies) using cloth and recycled options when I can.
  8. I will begin to notice how I spend my finances and research the impact of the  choices I make.
  9. I will avoid the use of toxic products (dry cleaning, pesticides, herbicides, paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics and toiletries) and dispose of all these products in responsible ways.
  10. I will investigate my home and work environment for saving energy and resources.
  11. I will educate myself and explore ways to create save on water resources in my home, at work and garden.
  12. I will explore and commit to making changes in how I commute.  If I drive, I will commit to reducing the time I spend traveling by automobile.  I will begin walking, riding the bus and bike.

and more, add your own commitments!

Signed by:  _________________________________________   on Earth Day, April 22, 2012

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