Celebrating Local Earth Projects – Transition Victoria

Posted on April 22, 2012 by


Earth  Day and an opportunity to find out more about Spring Ridge Commons.  I had the pleasure of viewing the gardens with Linda Chan who is apart of Transition Victoria.  Have you heard of this local community that is apart of a grassroot movement.  If not, check them out at Transition Victoria.

Linda shared with me how Life Cycles is not long the steward of the Spring Ridge Commons and that it is now apart of the Transitions Food Good.  The goal of this garden is for developing a permaculture and teaching garden.  Linda has recently organized an edible garden workshop and a permaculture event.  Both hands on in the garden.  She has been approached too about an art installation that she is looking forward too.

If you are interested in spending some time gardening and have been looking for a project Linda is looking to develop a community for friendship and support to get the weeds under control.  You can contact her through Transition Victoria.    Take time too to check out the Transition information and what it offers our future.