Support Earth Awareness by learning how to – “Fight Light Pollution”

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Local Astronomers participated in Earth Day celebrations to get their message out.  Their message –  Fight Light Pollution.

Lauri Roche, president of the RASC Victoria Centre in a press release has said, “Light pollution is noticeable at night when it permeates the nocturnal environment, but its effects are felt around the clock.  Light pollution is the essence of waste, and it does much more than reduce the visibility of stars.”

Here are some interesting facts that Lauri shared in the Victoria Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s press release that may not be common knowledge:

  • The World Health Organization lists “light at night” as a probable carcinogen potentially due to the fact artificial light at night disrupts our circadian system that keeps us healthy and helps us resist cancer, infection and disease
  • Light pollution even affects the chemistry of the air we breathe, because it prevents chemical changes in the air at night that breakdown chemical pollutants
  • Affects to future food sources by having an affect on insects that are major plant pollinators They become too exhausted to feed or reproduce by being attracted to the bright lights which decreases their populations and makes them visible to night predators.

More @ the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 

Also some more information at Outdoor Lighting Choices that may interest you.

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