‘Subtle activism will change a planet one presence at a time’

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Subtle activism is the art of being present bringing your inner resources and caring into relationship with your space on the planet.  It is developing our inner skills of wholeness and together collectively that  will expand into our communities and be the sustainable change transforming ourselves, our communities and our planet.   Three pathways to explore inner resource developing are movement, relationships and knowledge.  The process is to experience the inner journey.  To connect to the aliveness in your movement, relationships and knowledge and notice when your focus becomes about the cause, the issue or the emotion.

The first step is ‘noticing’

Recognition is the first step towards any sustainable change.  It motivates change of habitual patterns and rocks our world.

The second step is becoming ‘curious’

Exploring to identify what is alive inside begins with taking the time to stop, listen and break down what it is that is stimulating you and how you are being stimulated.  (Listening to what is underneath our reactions.)  Our functioning bodies designed for simpler times haven’t adjusted to the volume of incoming data and stimulus.  Our experiencing may be electrified or overwhelmed  in response.

The third step is ‘witnessing’

Resting in what rises within and connecting in a way that stimulates our inner sensory listening abilities.  (Away from thoughts) Beginning to be still to touch, see, taste and hear the feelings that spontaneously move through as they are given attention and freedom to be witnessed.

Possible Relationships

Spontaneous clarity and ability to move forward with less attachment can be the experience of developing skills with less fear of the future and blame/shame of the past.   The results, moving towards clearer action that holds all in equal consideration.

Renee Lindstrom, passionately shares ways for connecting to the beauty with in each of us for the purpose of finding ease in relationships connecting with ourselves, others  and the home we share.  She has volunteered as past director on the board of the B.C. Network for Compassionate Communication, in founding the recent April Awareness Campaign for Nonviolent Communication in her local community, and  is  creating local Awareness for the Gandhi, King, Chavez Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence ongoing.  

Renee is founder of Inside Awareness for Healthy Living where she is a movement, connection, urban space practitioner.  For more on her techniques of Feldenkrais, Urban Space and getting Intouch.  She is founder of Walk-Victoria.com – integrating body, mind, spirit and space and Sleepsweetsleeps.com – integrating body, mind, spirit and space.  

Renee can be reached by email –  renee@insideawareness.com.
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