World Cafe and film – On-to-Ottawa

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World Cafe will be held in conjunction with the On-to-Ottawa film night Sunday, April 29th beginning at 6:00 p.m.   Held at Solstice Cafe, 529 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C. Events hosted by Keith Hirsche of Victoria.

Join in the discussion in small groups and add your voice.  Begin the evening events with small table discussions on questions to stimulate change through diversity of differences.  

Enjoy this exploration of contemporary society interacting with our Great Depression history. The victims of Wall Street’s recklessness organize to protest their government’s inaction and the police repression of dissent. Discover the Saskatchewan of 1935 that gave refuge, food and support to the dispossessed Trekkers. Relive the Regina Riot where police attacked a peaceful crowd in Market Square on Dominion Day. Cameo appearances by Ex-BC Premier Dave Barrett, Maude Barlow, MP Libby Davies, and Sask. historians add colour and depth.

We’ll be starting with an informal World Cafe from 6-7
The movie will be screened at 7, followed by a panel discussion.

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