‘Touching inner beauty through the our garden’s’

Posted on May 10, 2012 by


The joy of my garden comes when I least expect it.  It’s begins with the new growth of the season and simply astounds me with the depth of beauty that occurs as the season progresses.  This week has brought a new depth.  One not only of surprise as it pulls me out of my thoughts and into a connection to an inner beauty that brings me home to a special and sweet place that I only remember when it ‘wakes up.’  It taps into an inner sensations I can only describe as emanating beauty.  As without, so within!

Extra special is a year ago this garden was filled with garbage and junk collected over a long period.  Digging in the soil cultivated a bounty of more junk that had been excavated into the landscape.  Looking at these pictures now you would never see this.  Hence the surprise coming out one morning and seeing the spreading, depth and colors to make a heart sing out.

Viewing this slide show I sense a deep grounded connection to having had 10 fingers and 10 toes in the soil and wonder if I created a slide show for my screens at work if it would have the same reminder of remembering, breathing, grounding and that sense of being present.  As I create it and view the pictures it does seem to.  Have you created one yet to remind you at work who you truly are in those moments that you are not remembering?

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