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Inside Awareness with Renee Lindstrom

The following articles describe common themes in our discussions at gettingInTouch Communication learning circles.  These learning gatherings are for connecting to how to transform these experiences by moving beyond reactional behaviors.     Having been a bully boss, without knowing it,  myself while in management years ago what I recognize now is that as a boss my needs were so great I wasn’t even aware anyone else had any!

These two articles are interesting!

Original article in Monday Magazine – Bullying in the Workplace by Tim Collins

A recent survey indicates 40 per cent of Canadian workers have experienced bullying in the workplace within the past six months. We ask what can be done to stop it.

Anna is young, reasonably attractive and moderately bright. She has little formal education, but joined a large local retail store out of high school and has risen to the level of assistant department supervisor. It’s…

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