The Soul of Canada, An overview of National Identity by Dorothy MacLean

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Findhorn is celebrating it’s 50th this year and Dorothy MacLean has turned 92!

This year Findhorn is celebrating it’s 50th and a great Canadian, Dor0thy MacLean, has  returned to spend this year at the space she co-founded.  The last living co-founder.   Evan Ward describes  Dorothy in this article as being shy!

Victoria’s connection is simply being the beautiful space and location that draws accomplished and great people to visit and  share their gifts.  Luckily Dorothy MacLean was one that came.  She was living in the Seattle area and came to present a workshop at the Corunum Centre.   A favorite memory was witnessing her come flying down a hill out of the forest during one of the breaks.

Dorothy wrote a booklet in 1977 titled, “The Soul of Canada.”  Here is a short excerpt of the opening paragraphs.

The question of Canadian unity is usually approached from a
political or economic perspective. Yet politics and economics can be
divisive, one viewpoint being set up against another. Unity does not
come from such divisiveness. If unity is a goal, what is needed is a view
from some level of wholeness which all Canadians can share. From such
a level, all aspects of life, including the political and economic can be
People of most nations are consciously or unconsciously molded
to a unified outlook which emanates from their soul qualities as
expressed through their geography, their history, and their sense of
belonging or identification. Canadians, though, have yet to know any
such consensus. They are separated geographically, their population
being sparsely distributed along the U.S. border. They consider Canadian
history dull and unimportant, and usually identify with only one
language. What I wish to convey in this booklet is an understanding of
the soul of Canada, and an appreciation of and familiarity with soul
qualities as necessary ingredients in the formation of a stable, united

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