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Inside Awareness with Renee Lindstrom

Walking through a sand labyrinth for the first time may bring you an unexpected quality that could increase your experience of joy and renew your romance with  life along our coastlines.

After drawing and creatively decorating a sand labyrinth it will be time to simply enter the walk.  Walking the labyrinth pathways your attention may be drawn inward increasing your focus on what’s in front of you.  This is when you may begin to notice the simple beauties of beach life that sometimes gets lost in the vastness of the bigger view.  For example; a tiny birds foot prints, a shell embedded in the sand and seaweed sitting softly on top.

These bits of life may jump deeper into awareness in this type of meditative walk in a way creating a deeper sense of expanded connection to your senses in some way.

If you are planning a beach event or simply find yourself with…

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