“Visions for our next generation of Spiritual Warriors”

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Reviewing a video outlining a program called Awakened World 2012, held in Rome this October, four vision statements draw me in to slow down and pay attention.

Take a moment to read and imagine:

Vision – From Enmity to Empathy

Envision a world in which the cultural and religions barriers that once divided human kind have been overcome at last.   We trust that one day every stranger will be seen as a neighbor and every neighbor as a friend.

Vision – From Emergency to Emergence

We envision a world in which peace and fairness are cherished as vital and inseparable dimensions of the existence of every individual and of the whole community.  We trust in the growth of a peaceful and universal new story of nonviolent conflict resolution and restorative justice.

Vision from Exploitation to Eco-logic

We envision a world in which human culture reclaims its deep bond with the planetary community.  We trust the gentle rhythms of sustainable living and caring participation in the early family will once again guide our course.  

Vision from Exclusivizm to Enlightenment

We envision a world in which spiritual growth is recognized as a genuine human possibility and the most authentic goal of every life. We trust in the emergence of a rich, mutually-irradiating inter-spirituality among the world’s religions.

These are from Awakened World 2012

Convened by:

The Association for Global New Thought
The International Committee for the Peace Council
The Interreligious Engagement Project for the 21st Century

For more info – http://www.agnt.org/awakened2012.html