Winter Solstice Celebrations

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On Friday, December 21st, Louise Taylor, Joanne Thomson and I, Renee Lindstrom, co-hosted our first CorUnum Centre Winter Solstice Celebrations in West Saanich.  Owned by Louise Taylor this Centre is the home to a beautiful Yurt build in the late 80’s/early 90’s, a forest Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel, secluded pond and meadows.  Louise has opened her space for creativity and events for community and personal connection and growth.  There have been meditations, dancing, walks, workshops and celebrations of all sorts.  My greatest personal memory is of Dorothy MacLean of Findhorn,  in Scotland, running down the hill out of the forest in her long light blue overcoat!

The evening began with creating a heart-shaped Labyrinth creating on the Yurt floor with colorful scarfs and ties to walk in reflection individually, followed by a community walk and chanting.  Followed by a Grand March, singing, dancing and to cap the evening, a bonfire with singing and ginger tea.


Joanne & Renee laying out labyrinth a head of time to view pattern in Yurt.

Following are eve of solstice:

Winter Solstice 006 Winter Solstice 009 Winter Solstice 011 Winter Solstice 012 Winter Solstice 014 Winter Solstice 022

Dancing Wolf reading his poem, Soul-stice