The ever lasting joy of Eialina Armfelt

Posted on May 19, 2013 by


Eialena ArmfeldA beautiful Victorian woman is passing from our physical reality.  Her name is Eialina Armfelt and she is known by many in our Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island communities.  Beautiful and ageless.  Asked to share a prayer for her in a recent event by Louise Taylor, I was able to hear other people’s stories of  how people had come to know her.  Many through community circle gatherings in areas she creatively devoted her attention towards exploring.  I consider Eialina to be one of the original fore-bearers of conscious change in our community.

I met Eialina a decade ago when she joined one of the groups I had a co-founded that had gathered for some time.  A committed group gathering for deepening the practice of authenticity and inner connecting.  The purpose was for changing our patterns of automatic behavioral responses and reactions from our limited and unique perspectives.  We were learning baby steps for getting out of our own story to listen to ourselves and others in a way that we actually heard and not assumed or judged.

We gathered to sit and practice change that began from the inside out when our seeking had stopped and our longing for inner change became greater than trying to find the outside answers.  A beautiful combination of deeply committed personal practitioners from the areas of Buddhism  Sufism, Yogic ,  Diamond Approach and spiritual questing and yet this was not our focus.   The focus was on how to have unity and connection in our behavior.  Difficult and deeply gratifying work.  It was the commitment to the practice that allowed us to get beyond our strong beliefs and personal spiritual practices into having interdependent connections that held us equally.

I knew of Eialina’s qualities and work, yet how I know her is through the deepening social emotional connection we had in real-time without any other focus except to be honest in the moment.  Our work was how to consciously be present in the moment and be in union.  (and to be honest when we were not!)

I can only describe it as teaching ourselves a system such as the Way of the Council and having a similar experiential outcome.  The difference was not adopting outside rituals and objects of sacredness.  We found we had created an outcome of experiencing our inner self’s as sacred without any outside distractions from only the courage to speak,  the willingness to listen and hold the space for all to be heard!

Later we discovered we lived a few doors down from each other and Eialina requested my support to work through a process to stay in integrity to the practice we shared.  It was an honor to be so real and authentic with our sweet breaking hearts.  For the next few years we occasionally crossed paths with a simple glance and smile that held deep love.

I have just read Brandy Gallagher’s loving notice about Eialina that you can read at Eialina Armfelt.