Update on beautiful local Victorian, ” Eialina Armfelt” by Brandy Gallagher

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By Brandy Gallagher – May 16, 2013

Ahhhhh sweet long days of deep soul connection.  Here is an update for all as our beloved Eialina slips further over the veils of time and space –
(apologies for group posting and yet this seems to be the best way to get word out wide and far)

Some time again we began to read a much favoured book of Eialina’s;  “I Remember Union” by Flo Aeveia Magdalena.  If this book has not found you yet then when the time is right and it comes into your hands….imagine Eialina reading it to you (as I have been for her).  This book speaks of such deep essential life purpose which Eialina now shares that she has come to understand.  Union…the ‘re-membering’ of our souls journey to fullly immerse in the knowing of the inherent connection, with no separation, between each of us.  Not just as the Magdalena and the Christ….but as all peoples.  She shared that this has been her guiding compass in this life…the Magdelena has had some influence but that 2000 years ago we were each included in the next layer of a design for humanity.  Each of us to carry a piece of the puzzle.  Each to help (sometimes in wild ways!!) each other to progress towards this time which we are in right now on the Calendar….that suggests we have the full opportunity to realize that shared collective intention of humanity.  Whether through her upbringing on Mission with her family in Syria where she learned so much and meet the Sufi path, whether through her life of art, dance, sound, healing, family, children, wild spaces….or to now as she says “waiting for the corn to ripen”…..she has lived her design fully and carried that as a gift to us all.

Days are spent sleeping almost throughout now.  Eialina takes very little by mouth other than ‘boost’ and watermelon or very moist fruit.  She smiles, watches deeply, and does not experience a heightened level of pain at present.  Her world which I share is a contemplative temple where mostly the only sound I hear is my own breathing….hers remains shallow.  We talk about life when it is sweet to do so, we sit in prayer and silence much of the time if not reading or I sing.  Each moment is a resonance with the sacred….she coaches me on her preparation.

One day a month ago we did her first accupuncture treatment (in her life!! thought I did not know this till after!) together with Aaron Banfield of Victoria.  We lay head to head and opened our crown chakras to allow what needed to an opportunity to pass back and forth.  I can tell you I truly experienced a felt devine rapture…..the priviledge is all mine.  Later she sat up and said to Aaron:  “good thing that there is Brandy and others like her in the world who will carry this work and awareness forward – I can now pass [it?] on”.  Make of this as you will as you read and yet I imagined her request to each of us to live with the level of as she chanted over and over “Pure and Holy”……and how we manifest this in the world at this time.

Many shifts over the last few days have us sense that time is moving quickly.  Eialina’s body has been amazing to carry this beauty for so long and past seemingly possible levels of challenge.  We ask now that going forward, much like a Blessing Way when a baby is born, that you tie a beautiful white ribbon or yarn etc around your wrist and we will keep this with us in prayer until she passes and we are all together in ceremony.  A gentle reminder each day….I actually have this with a message on my desk that says Eialina; Pure and Holy – she told me last year that is her last training module!!

In the days that come we may ask for food, flowers, anything you think to be of assistance/support/sacred connecting to come to her family.  You can drop this off Sunday onwards at 1575 Hawthorne Ave in Gord Head/Mount Douglas area (you will see Eialina’s turquoise van outside the house).  If you go to the front door you may drop items there, or call me ahead 250-888-7798 to ask that someone is available, I should get back to you within the day.  Send prayers/poems/items of beauty as we will lay these out with her body for a day or two after she passes from her earthly body needs and is with us only in her home in spirit.  If you feel wishful to visit during that time pls let me know as I am creating a contact list.

Also in the days that come we are asking that a few people step forward to help Lousie Taylor, myself, Eialina’s daughter Annette and children to fashion a “Celebration of Life Extra-ordinaire”!    She has asked that we gather at CORUUNUM CENTER in West Saanich at Louise Taylor’s land where Eialina once lived and stewarded this beautiful community space.  The invitation is to create a very large gathering of spirit!!  Potluck foods, music sharing, readings, presentation, Sacred Circle Dances…..and all that we can pack in.  If you have more ideas for ceremony pls. let me know and a few of us will pull together all feedback and create an ’empty presencing space’ for all who wish to step forward to share into the space.  If you need special electrical, projector or some such items pls let us know and we will work together to co-create this…..as Eialina would have wanted to facilitate in her own way in days gone by.

At Coruunum we will lay out her beautiful fabrics and many items which she wishes her friends to bring forward as parts of her to have peeking into our lives.  I met a woman a few weeks ago who told me a story about having sewed a beautiful project from a whole lot of fabric scraps Eialina had given her!!
We ask if you have any of her art work, hangings, coats etc that she made you that you bring it to hang, wear it or ?  This would be for you to take back with you obviously and leave with something more as well.  In the great motto of always leaving people/place with a contribution…Eialina passes on her credo.

Lastly, a final scattering of Eialina’s ashes will happen on a separate day from the Celebration of Life.  She has asked to be placed in the “Commemorative Conservation Scattering Grounds; Green Burial Project” at OUR ECOVILLAGE in Shawnigan Lake which she helped found over 15 years ago.  At the base of yet another Peace Pole she planted on ‘Vision Hill’…. her ashes will lie where she looks over the water of the small lake onsite at the village.  May Peace Prevail in her being and all of ours from day forward…..all the more.
In lieu of flowers or commemoration items plans have been made for anyone who wishes to contribute a Commemorative Legacy Donation to The Land Conservancy of BC, on behalf of Protecting OURECOVILLAGE Forever…..as she did in so many ways and now a Covenant will continue to do forever on behalf of the overall Green Burial Project.  Pls. contact www.ourecovillage.org for further information on how to submit and receive a tax receipt with thanks towards her Legacy Project.

“how could anyone ever tell us that this journey is anything less than beautiful, how could anyone ever tell us that we are less than whole, how could anyone fail to notice that Eialina’s loving has been a miracle, how deeply we are all connected by our souls.  Blessed be…..
Please send this email far and wide to all the circles of her connections –

In community,

Brandy Gallagher BSW, MA
Sustainable Community Solutions Consulting – SC2
Exec. Director – O.U.R. Community Association