#yyj Peace Week

yyj world peace

Sunday, September 13th

Puppets for Peace Parade @ Vining Street Party on the Plaza

Puppets for Peace Founder – Tim Gosley​
  • 1:30 pm – Victoria High School Plaza – 1260 Grant Street

Tuesday, September 16th

Greater Victoria Labyrinth Friendship Days

Two Greater Victoria Mayors have declared September 16th Labyrinth Friendship Days!.

Local labyrinth stewards are hosting open events to celebrate these proclamations.  Come & explore walking these mindfulness pathways and hear the reading of the proclamations

  • 1st Central Saanich Labyrinth Friendship Day

Mayor Ryan Windsor of Central Saanich

     1:30 pm – Woodwynn Peace Garden – 7789 West Saanich Road

Event Hosted by Woodwynn Farms

3rd Annual Victoria Labyrinth Friendship Day

  Mayor Lisa Helps of Victoria

  •      2:00 pm – Cadboro Bay United Church – 2625 Arbutus
Open House Hosted by Cadboro Bay United Church
  •      5:45 pm – 8:30 pm Irving Park Labyrinth – corners of Menzies & Michigan
Event Hosted by Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living & Greater Victoria Labyrinths & Events

Sunday, September 20th

Community Giving Peace Labyrinth

  • 11:00 am – 2:00 pm – Centennial Square
Event Hosted by #yyjPeaceWeekProject
This year during Greater Victoria’s Peace Week  #yyjPeace is challenging Victoria to collect 1000 cans of donated can goods to build a labyrinth @ Victoria City Hall.  Our purpose is to bring attention to how food is a basic need and that without it we will not have peace!  We believe it fits in nicely with the United Nations Theme this year which is ‘Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All.’
The donations for food will go to the Mustard Seed this year


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Monday, September 21st

Peace Labyrinth

  • 10:00 am – noon – Greater Victoria Public Library Central Branch – 735 Broughton

World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature

  • 6:30 – 8:30 pm –  Alix Goolden Hall – 907 Pandora
World Childrens Summit Founder –  Kathleen Arnason

Wednesday, September 23rd

Fall Equinox at the Irving Park Labyrinth Celebrating Peace Week

  • 7:00 – 8:00 pm – Irving Park – corners of Menzies & Michigan
Event Hosted by Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living & Greater Victoria Labyrinths & Events
​Special Guests:  Louise Taylor, CorUnum Centre, and Betsy Nuse, Victoria Circle Dancing

In September, 2014 a grassroots campaign began in Greater Victoria to encourage the growth and awareness of ‘Peace themed’ events during the week prior to September 21st.  The kick off to #yyj (Greater Victoria) Peace Week was a fun media campaign:yyjpeaceday


Endorsed in 2014 by:  Canadian Peace Initiative, Peace Quest, World Children’s Summit, Creatively United,  Labyrinth’s of Victoria, Puppets for Peace

A Peace Week Calendar of local events followed to showcase the amazing local groups in Greater Victoria sharing Peace Themed Events from Sept 14 to 21st.  On  September 21st’s  a World Peace Day Celebration was organized by Puppets for Peace where local groups came together to create a parade through Fairfield from Craigdarroch Castle to Government House!

If you would like to be apart of a growing group of ‘Peace Builders’ in our local community with a focus on personal peace for lasting change  please connect!

Join us in this local grassroots peace building events by participating in organizing an event, volunteering, coming to an event and/or event endorsing our event for 2015!  For more on,  organization &  school ideas and/or to share what your school community is planning please contact Renee Lindstrom, Founder of #yyj Peace Week Project.

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