#yyj Peace Week in Schools

We would like to encourage our local Greater Victoria Community Schools to create ‘Peace Themed’ events and share them with us on our calendar to inspire others to be inspired to join in.


From the seeds planted in 2014 a group of Private Schools in Victoria created their own Peace Week following our model.

For the coning September you may consider hosting your own Peace Week in your community School with focuses ‘Peace Theme’ activities.  Some activities could be:

  1. Focused dialogues with the question: “What does peace mean to you?’
  2. Art with a focus on: “What would peace look like in you world?”
  3. Introduction of the universal values that align with peaceful behavior such as; trust, support. Honesty, recognition, acceptance, inclusion, kindness, patience and more…..
  4. Increasing a ‘feelings focus’ to enable students to better identify their emotions consciously to start the separation of emotions and acting on them unconsciously.
  5. Create an assembly that has each classroom share a ‘peace-themed’ activity whether it is skits, music, a school declaration of peace.
  6. School peace cafe’s – time that students can gather to discuss topics in small groups that engage on what matters. Have someone record the ideas that flow to share in a larger group dialogue.
  7. Have the children come up with their own theme to celebrate peace week and then create posters to hang at school and in the classrooms. Help them to get your local community involved.

For more school ideas and/or to share what your school community is planning please contact Renee Lindstrom, Founder of #yyj Peace Week Project.

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