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The Peace Pole became a project of Greater Victoria Community member Louise Ganter Taylor.  It began when she was given the opportunity to plant her first one at a new international school in Kuala Lumpiur, Malaysia in 1996 while she was  teaching.  She had the opportunity to meet Keiko Yamada of The Society of Prayer for World Peace in Japan.  Keiko gifted Louise with her first peace pole.

Since then many that have been planted on the island with the first one at CorUnum Centre.  Louise personally printed 400 strips to be placed on posts since 1996.  She has given these out to places such as Hawaii, Sudbury, Iceland, and in the United States.

Seven local churches since 1996 have also planted a peace pole: St. Paul’s Church in Sidney, St. Aidan’s, Church of Truth in James Bay, Unitarian Church in Saanich, St. George’s Anglican church in Cadboro Bay  and Oak Bay United Church.   There are sixteen other poles on Vancouver Island, some in private homes and others in public institutions such as the YMCA/YWCA,  St. Michael’s School, the Bethlehem Retreat Centre, Hope Lutheran Church in Nanaimo, and Government House which obtained one for last year’s recognition of United Nations official Day of Peace on September 21, 2014.  Most recently she gifted a local Central Saanich Elementary School on to plant on the conclusion of the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature.

To find out more about CorUnum Centre, founded by Louise Ganter Taylor visit The CorUnum Centre.  

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